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-Smaller Fruit Pollination Guide


Honeyberries are extremely cold hardy berries that grow in a wide range of soil types. Typically two or more different varieties are needed in proximity to cross pollinate for fruit production.


Blueberries are somewhat self fertile, but yields per plant will be greatly increased with the presence of multiple other varieties in the same vicinity.
Raspberries will cross pollinate within the same variety with no problem. Having bees in the area to do the work can help with higher yields. Some pollination can be done by wind, but it is estimated 90% of pollination is done by bees.
Strawberries are self fertile. They rely on the wind, bugs, and bees to cross pollinate between each flower.
Jostaberries are self fertile and will produce fruit on their own without the need of other plants for cross pollination.
Cherry bushes are typically self pollinating but will have bigger yields if other cherry bushes are in the same vicinity.


Plum Tree Pollination


Plum trees need another plum tree of a different variety nearby for the best fruit production. Having more varieties can increase cross pollination as there are more plum flowers blooming for a longer duration. All of our plum trees for sale will cross pollinate each other.

Apple Tree Pollination


Apple trees require a second apple tree of a different variety for cross pollination. Also, pairing two apple tree varieties that bloom at the same time will maximize your cross pollination and yield better fruit production. Here we list our apple trees into three blooming times, Early season, Mid Season, and Late season bloom. For example if you wanted to Honeycrisp apple tree, it blooms Mid Season, so you would then pick from the others in that group. Make sure to check the USDA hardiness map to see what zone you can plant. If you have any questions, call us or email us.

***This is a general estimate for when apple trees bloom, it is meant to be a guide and not set in stone, as mother nature is in charge. Most trees have a long enough bloom time to pollinate the other trees in each category.

Early Blooming Apple Trees:

Red Duchess



Yellow Transparent

Kindercrisp (New!)


Centennial Crab

Chestnut Crab

Whitney Crab

State Fair Apple

Zestar! Apple


Mid Season Blooming


Red Baron

Sweet Sixteen




Prarie Magic


Late Season Blooming


Red Regent