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Restorative Apple Tree Pruning


Saturday, February 10th, 2018, 1pm to 2pm with ample followup question time afterwords. 

The Apple Tree Guy’s orchard (219 Kettner Drive in Carlton MN)

This class is for pruning and training of fruit trees that are 5+ years old. If you have made some mistakes or have never pruned your trees, you are not alone! This class is for you. We will teach you how to open up that tree for proper health and fruit production and how to prune each year after that. Appropriate for participants of all skill levels. Bring what pruning tools you may have and pictures of your trees to discuss, time permitting. All required tools and handouts will be provided, dress for the weather! We will be standing on uneven snow in an orchard for the entire class and will be moving around for demonstrations. Dress extra warm, as standing still outside in February sure can get cold. Seating may not be available due to these conditions.
We are happy to have Cindy Hale from

    Clover Valley Farms

as the teacher for this class.
Cost is $15 per person. Let us know if you are coming alone or with someone so we can have enough handouts for everyone.