KinderKrisp (New!!! Variety)


KinderKrisp is a brand new apple variety developed by David MacGregor, an independent fruit breeder based in South Haven, Minnesota. Exceptional flavor and crisp texture, like its parent Honeycrisp, this early ripening apple features much smaller fruit. Perfect size for snacking or kid's lunches. Outstanding variety for homeowners, flowers early in season and ripening in late August.


David has listed his new apple as zone 3 hardy, as it has been grown for a few years now in places from Finlayson to Grand Rapids MN with relatively no winter damage.


*** We have personally eaten these apples, and can say they might be “the next big thing”.  When I (the apple tree guy) tasted it, I smiled ear to ear, wiped the juice running down my cheek, , I said right then and there I will be planting 50 of these trees in our orchard next year. Andrea (the apple tree gal) agreed with me after tasting the apple, just so long she doesn't have to dig the holes for the new trees.

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bread in zone 4, shows promising results in zone 3