Welcome to the 2024 Apple Tree Season!

5-31-2024 update. We have hundreds of potted trees still available! Inventory changes every day and we can’t keep that updated fast enough with our online inventory. Please call to see if we still have what you are looking for! Dustin 218-391-1113

We put together a basic planting video, please watch and comment if you have any questions. Thank you!
Sorry we do not ship or deliver trees. Thank you!

 Bare Root Trees in our warehouse.

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Take a class on how to plant your trees, manage any diseases or pests, and even winter time pruning. Yes you were doing it wrong! Click on “Classes” on the left hand menu and sign up before they fill up.

Before You Buy…

Make sure to look at the Pollination guide on top of the page. It only takes a minute to make sure you are choosing the right trees to cross pollinate so you get the most fruit production each year.
Also make sure the type of tree you buy will survive in your local climate! Please take a look at the USDA zone map to make sure the trees you want will survive in your area.
Plant Hardiness Maps for Minnesota and Wisconsin


The 2020 Apple Tree Guy season is in full swing and busier than ever. Normally we have a set weekend for the annual pickup for bare root orders. This year’s planned weekend was on May 16th. We are in the process of working out the details to extend that window of pickup from one weekend to a couple of weeks. This would prevent the gathering of groups of people (we had 300 to 400 people in one day last year) and help slow the spread of this nasty virus. Check back here for more details as they become available. If you have an existing order we will keep in contact via Email/phone once details change. Upon pickup we would ask you to either stay in your vehicle or to stay at least 10 feet away. Thanks for understanding and please stay healthy! Dustin, Andrea, baby Callen, and Odie (doggie). 218-391-1113