We promise a quality product at a fair price. If you are not happy with the product you must say so at the time of pickup, but no later. If you pre-paid for an item and it does not meet your expectations, please let us know and we will happily refund your money. Although we promise our bare root trees will leaf out and green up during the first season, our bare root trees have no set warranty, as there are too many variables to survival on the trees. With proper care and nurturing, your trees will grow and flourish. We offer everything from a line of tree care classes to paper handouts with your order. (If you lose them we can re-send them.)  If you have a tree from us that is not living up to your expectations, call us and we can usually find out what happened or did not happen to cause the issue. Regardless of how hard we try to educate our customers on proper tree care, the disregard of tried and true methods, and sometimes a lack proper care has caused the demise of a small percentage of trees sold and has triggered us to post this non-warrantee. This being said, we estimate a 99% chance or better for tree survival and flourishing under the proper conditions and care.

We want you to be satisfied.  If you think your trees are not doing well, please let us know at once.  We can often suggest ways to fix the problem.


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