Aurora Honeyberry (New for 2022)


The Aurora is a new verity that we have not had in the past… Another great berry to add to your honeyberry patch!

Aurora Honeyberry was bred as the companion to Borealis by the University of Saskatchewan. This variety is sweeter and more productive than its counterpart, with slightly larger fruit. Similar in flavor to blueberries and producing earlier than strawberries, Aurora can be eaten fresh, used in baking, as jams, or jellies. Commercial growers will find this fruit easy to pick, as a dry scar forms, the skin is fairly tough like Tundra and the large size is easily visible on the upright habit of this medium sized shrub. A good pollinator for Borealis, Tundra, and other varieties in the Indigo series.


These plants will be in a container, fully leafed out with the possibility of berries already forming on the plant.

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3 to 4'


3 to 4'


Full sun