Triumph Apple (New for 2024)

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IMPORTANT INFO *** We don’t know if this tree will survive in our area. This recently released variety from the University of Minnesota apple breeding program has not been around long enough to be tested all over the world yet. The University lists it as zone 4, which is pretty much south of Hinckley Minnesota. Feel free to join us and plant a few to see how they do for you. Maybe they are the best apple you’ve ever had! Maybe the tree dies because of our frigid winters! Hopefully they can survive and you will be the cool kid at the lunch table when the tree survives and produces fruit. Trees are going to be referred to as a “whip” where the tree is about 4 feet tall with no branches yet. This tree will have smaller roots and might need a little more watering and love in it’s first year or so if we don’t get a lot of rain. It’s a baby!

From The University or Minnesota: A Triumph over apple scab (Those pesky black spots on your apples!) Created by crossing ‘Honeycrisp’ and ‘Liberty’, it has excellent scab tolerance with two different genetic forms of resistance. Taste-wise, Triumph™ is a pleasantly tart and well-balanced red apple with good storage life. Excellent for fresh eating. Blooming mid-season, the fruit will be ready to harvest in late September, similar to or slightly later than its parent ‘Honeycrisp’ and is hardy to USDA zone 4.

Height: 15 Feet
Spread: 15 Feet
Exposure: Full Sun


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Full Sun


zone 4 hardy